03042014: Rick Smolan and Natalie Fobes

download (1)  Portrait of Natalie Fobes

Rick Smolan and Natalie Fobes are famous photographers. Natalie Fobes worked for news papers and magazines like National Geographic and approaches her photography as a journalist foremost. . She wants to tell a story with her photography by using her creativity and her sense of adventure. As an architect, she grew to love spaces and changed her medium from paper to photography. She makes use of light to capture her pictures and tries to have with her work especially in her portraits.

Rick Smolan thinks himself as  photographer entrepreneur. He hopes his pictures changes the world. He’s worked for Time and National Geographic and has spends a lot of time on his work. He’s made a business that’s become quite profitable over the years in California. He wants to showcase photos that would go unnoticed or unused in major magazines. He talks about how important it is to get the timing right when capturing a photo and the ethics involved. It makes a difference.

I thought it was interesting how these two artists have their own approach when it comes to photography. One is more artistic and the other more for profit I think.


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